Indoor Tennis – Captains’ Responsibilities

How to Book a Seasonal Court for EXISTING Teams (How to for NEW Teams is below)

A captain contacts the members of the team to confirm a seasonal court with a day and time. Each group from the prior year has the opportunity to keep the same day, time and court. The captain emails John Renz (you can click the link to the left) with the decision of the team.

After John gets the final dates from the college as to what dates are not available, John will send a spreadsheet to each captain who is then responsible to fill in all the information requested on it: start date, dates omitted by the group, end date, total number of sessions, cost per session (from Dates, Hours & Costs), total cost for the season, names of each team member, and cost for each team member.

The captain returns the completed spreadsheet to John by email for his review. (Yes, people do make errors… John included!)

Once the spreadsheet is approved, the captain communicates with the group the total cost for the season and the cost for each team member.  Each team member is to provide the captain a check made out to GETA for their individual cost.

Payments are due simply prior to a group’s start date. 

Please tell your team members not to combine their costs from multiple groups or from other family members into one check. 

We have over 100 players, some who play in multiple groups and some with spouses who play; following this process is the simplest way for our bookkeeper to confirm payments for your team.

Please direct them to pay the GETA Indoor tennis fee and any GETA membership fees using the Pay Online link on our website. Do not include any of these fees in with the season’s check payment; we do this to also make it simpler for the bookkeeper. If someone is opposed to paying the fees online with Paypal or a credit card, then send a separate check to the GETA address below. 

Once the captain has collected all the checks from their members, the captains are to put the checks in one envelope with a note: “For group day ____ and time ____.” (This again simplifies the process for our bookkeeper).   Mail them to:

PO Box 147
Big Flats, NY 14814

When the captain mails in their payment, the captain will send John Renz an email that reads “the check is in the mail” so John can inform GETA’s bookkeeper.

How to Book a Seasonal Court for NEW Teams

Review the Dates, Hours & Costs page and Captains’ Courts page on the web site under Indoor Tennis.

Based on your review, email John Renz and state the day of the week and the time you are interested in playing, singles or doubles, how many courts, and the length of time (typically 1.5 hours but can be more or less in half-hour increments). Include your phone number.

Once John approves your request, he will send you a spreadsheet and you will then complete steps 2 – 5 listed above.