INDOOR TENNIS UPDATE October 6: Elmira College will not open the Murray Athletic Center (AKA the Dome) until it opens its Elmira campus for students. The College is hoping to open both its campus and the Dome for tennis on November 1. If you have never played at the Dome and want a free experience, please email me  as I will schedule a FREE Open House (John Renz;  email address:  jr10splayer@gmail.com).

GETA urges all to review safe recommendations and make reasonable decisions to protect yourself and others. 

Below is a link to the USTA’s Safety Playing Recommendations due to the virus.  (April 23)


Due to the corona virus, the USTA has suspended all USTA-sanctioned events until further notice. This includes Tournaments, Leagues, Junior Team Tennis (March 14)

Words from Our President

First let me simply say thank you for all you’re doing for tennis in the community! As a USTA Community Tennis Association we depend on three major investments to enable our mission.

The partnership enjoyed among our members allows for a rich and diverse collaboration of ideas and thoughts for tennis in this community. We are engaged across every facet of this community, from parents, teachers, community leaders, medical, legal and of course our kids.  Your influence is driving the conversation.

Your patronage is heartfelt and needed. Your encouragement and financial support is a big part of what keeps the wheels moving. Our volunteer board works hard to deliver quality tennis events to the Greater Elmira community.

Our programs run year round, and look to reach every age and skill level.  Our existing programs are expanding and we have new ideas to consider. To learn more about our programming, explore the GETA web site.

If you are interested in volunteering, serving on our board, assisting with a program or just sharing an idea, don’t hesitate to contact GETA by email.

Thank you again for all that you do to help.

All the best,

Steven McGary
President, GETA Board

Growing Tennis in our Communities