Dates, Hours & Costs

2018-2019 Indoor Tennis Season

Dates & Hours, New Indoor Membership Costs, Seasonal Costs, Weather Related Closings or Delays

Dates & Hours

General information on dates and hours the season could start (but you choose when to start) and end:

  • Your indoor tennis court season can start as early as the week of September 10th.
  • Monday Hours: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm; Season ends the week of April 26th.
  • Tuesday – Friday Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm; Season ends the week of April 26th.
  • Saturday Hours: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm; Season ends Feb 23rd.
  • Sunday Hours: NEW! 8:00 am to 8:00 pm; Season ends Feb 24th.

Location: Murray Athletic Center (MAC, “The Domes”)

Through a partnership between Elmira College and GETA, indoor tennis is available at the Murray Athletic Center (MAC) on Route 14 in the town of Veteran. There are 4 hard courts with new LED lights.

Contact: John Renz,

Indoor Tennis at Murray Athletic Center

Known dates from the college when either no tennis or tennis must be completed by 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm.

The changes below in blue show dates when the college has a competition with another college. The use of the word “possibly” per the college is that if the competition goes longer than expected, someone showing up at 6:00 pm to play may have to wait until the match is over.

Below are dates when there is NO tennis at the MAC:

  • April 9, Tuesday  (Added by the College in January)
  • April 10, Wednesday (Added by the College in January)
  • April 11, Thursday (Added by the College in January)

New Indoor Membership Costs

GETA Indoor Membership Cost of $40 + GETA Membership

NEW – Indoor Membership Fee: All the actions necessary by GETA for indoor tennis have required hundreds of hours each season by John Renz. John was unwilling to donate this amount of time again. The GETA board determined if John was willing to continue, the board would compensate him for his time in 2018/2019. To gain the funds necessary, the GETA board approved a seasonal Indoor Membership Fee of $40 per person; it allows the individual to play in as many sessions as desired. There is no family membership. In comparison, the membership fees at the Reis Center in Ithaca are $235 per individual and $330 per family.

As in past seasons, players must be GETA members (Under 18 is $10; single membership is $20; family membership is $30. The annual GETA membership fee is also required for playing in the GETA Summer Doubles League and the GETA Singles Ladder.)

Both the GETA Membership and Indoor Membership fees can be paid online or by sending a check to GETA’s PO Box mailing address.

NEW – Cancelled Sessions: To reduce the hours required by John in scheduling make-up dates, if a paid session is eliminated by the college, a group will have two options:

  1. Get a refund for that session of $50 paid at the end of the season to the Captain OR
  2. Make-up the lost minutes by the group adding 15 minute extensions on the group’s regular playing dates, if possible

If a group wants to make-up for a cancelled session, it can Book a Court online for the same cost as the refund! (See the menu item Book a Court under Indoor Tennis).

NEW – Communication: To also reduce John’s time, he will maximize the use of the GETA website to communicate to captains who in turn should also save time in communicating with their team members.

Seasonal Costs

As done last year, each captain will get a worksheet from John Renz to calculate the seasonal costs both for each group and each member based upon the number of dates the group & member will play. Sessions are 90 minutes. If additional time is of interest, contact John Renz at his email address above.

  • 7 – 13 sessions: $58/session
  • 14 – 20 sessions: $52/session
  • 21 – 26 sessions: $47/session
  • 27 or more sessions: $45/session

Finding Other Players

NEW: The GETA website has a  “bulletin board” feature. This free bulletin board is a tool to help GETA members meet new players, find a sub or regular for an existing group, or start a new group.

Weather Related Closings or Delays

Bad weather can become a frustrating problem when players are uncertain if there is tennis. The college will inform the GETA rep or his designee as soon as possible on any closings of the MAC or delays in its opening. GETA will then post these closings/delays on its home page (Announcements section). Please use your judgment in deciding whether or not to travel when the road conditions are potentially dangerous.

No Lockers

The college says it cannot risk opening up the locker rooms to us where players leave personal belongings. They will provide 2 chairs in each bathroom for dressing.