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Indoor Tennis – Book a Court

WELCOME to the NEWEST Feature for GETA Indoor Tennis Members: Book a Court Online

Link to online booking site

Who Can Book a Court?

You must be part of a group that has a seasonal court commitment, including both a paid indoor Tennis Membership Fee and a GETA Membership Fee. If you meet those requirements and your Captain has submitted your first and last name and email address, then you should have a user account. If you meet those requirements and don’t yet have a user account, please click on the ‘Create An Account’ button on the online booking site. (It may take days for GETA to get to your request).

When you can book:

You can book up to 7 days in advance. You can delete a court you have booked up to 2 days prior to your date.

How to book: (The online site has a training video too).

  1. Look at the schedule, choose your date (within 7 days), see what times are available and what courts are available.
  2. Click in the schedule for how much time you want in half-hour increments on the court you want.
  3. Click on the icon BOOK; your name should appear first;  enter the names of others playing.
  4. Complete the payment information required.
  5. You will be given options to get confirmation emails; I encourage you to choose that option.
  6. To cancel a booking, see the online training video.

What does it cost?:

The cost is $50 for 90 minutes or $35 for 60 minutes. (You can book longer times by booking twice in a row.) The online site does NOT split the cost among all the players; the person booking the court will need to pursue collecting other players’ share of the cost.